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Quick tip to getting more accurate reports on Google Analytics (YOU might be the problem!) Do you ever wonder why your site is getting so many clicks and yet not so many real viable leads? Well it could be because your Google Analytics is also reporting all the times YOU click on your website.  This

Welcome to Matrix! Ready or not, here it comes! Hold on to your iPads, folks- the biggest leap in search technology is about to revolutionize Denver Real Estate, and it’s coming this summer. If you missed this morning’s preview at SMDRA, we’ve got the latest and greatest on what’s coming, what’s going and what’s about

How To Safely Keep All Your Passwords

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 by

Are you tired of hitting the “forgot password” button an all those websites you have to use day in and day out?  Certainly, you wouldn’t want to use the same password for everything because that leaves you vulnerable to hackers  identity thieves.   But seriously… how annoying IS trying to recall all these dang passwords?  Well, I

How important is all that marketing? A well marketed listing can require hours of time and hundreds of dollars on photography, websites, brochures and more.   In a hot market like we have here in Denver today, many are beginning to wonder whether or not all that marketing is really necessary with some homes selling before

Only a week from tomorrow, we will kick off the Four Star Certification seminar.  With all-day training held Tuesdays from July 15th to February 5th, the agents who attend this seminar will achieve the Four Star Certification.  We have an all-star lineup of instructors:  Oliver Frascona, Chandra Hall, Jack O’Connor and Larry Kendall.  This is

How to Sell a Stinky House

Thursday, 06 December 2012 by

So, you have a smelly listing… Now what? Not all houses smell like roses.  So, what do you do when you walk optimistically up to a listing appointment only to be met at the door with a wall of stench.  Heck, if you can’t get past the front door, how will buyers?  As you sit

Listhub Disallows Editing Properties A recent update to the way ListHub syndicates to Trulia has taken away our ability to edit listings within the system.  With the new setup, the only thing you can edit on your listing is open house dates.  There is a simple fix to this, but you have to get your

Several of my clients have listings posted and manually enhanced (by us… which they paid for) in Zillow that have been deleted.  Their accounts show zero (0) listings when in fact they have several active listings that should be showing.   This has happened on several occasions.  Sometimes the listings will show up later, but

According to NAR’s Site Traffic Report, is one of the TOP 5 sites that home buyers go to searching for homes.  Maybe I’m a little bit of a control freak, but when I search for a listing I have marketed for a client and it doesn’t show up on (and it’s everywhere else),

When listing a property, you want to give a potential buyer the most accurate information available about the home. One problem that many of us face is figuring out the difference between a family room, a living room and a great room. Realtors wind up saying a fireplace is in the family room when it’s

2012 National Open House Weekend is April 28 & 29 Open houses seem to be falling off in numbers over the past years, but they are still an incredibly effective advertising tool when done correctly. We hope you will all be participating in the upcoming National Open House Weekend this April, and we want to

Green is the New Golden Just this month, Metrolist–the largest local multiple listing service (MLS)–rolled out a new feature that allows Realtors® to list a property’s energy/green features as searchable fields. These new data fields maximize the marketing opportunities related to the popularity of energy-saving and money-saving features in today’s housing market. What makes this

Where Did My Data Go? Have you ever taken the time to manually enter a Trulia, Zillow, or listing only to have your work replaced a few days later? Syndication partnerships can be a blessing and a curse for those who are particular about their marketing efforts. The obvious benefit is the ability to

Web Searching is the “NOW” of Property Searches The popularity of web searching is no longer even newsworthy in the real estate game. So chances are good, no, great that you are already making sure your property listings are distributing to at least one of the major sites beyond the MLS (like Trulia, Obeo, Zillow

Are You Losing Leads by Not Following Good SEO Practices? If you have ever seen your property listing on a search site, with another agent’s face staring at you from the sidebar ads and your own picture and contact info nowhere to be found, stop yelling at the screen and start marketing smarter with Obeo’s new