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Great Room vs. Family Room vs. Living Room: How Do You Tell the Difference?

by / Friday, 04 May 2012 / Published in Listing Coordination, Marketing Tips
What's the difference between a famly, great and living room?

Learn the difference between a living room and a family room

When listing a property, you want to give a potential buyer the most accurate information available about the home. One problem that many of us face is figuring out the difference between a family room, a living room and a great room. Realtors wind up saying a fireplace is in the family room when it’s actually located in the living room.

So, how do you figure out which room is which? You can get clues from the location of the room in the house.

Let’s start with the family room. The family room is the place to hang out with friends and family, and watch TV or play games. Generally, family rooms are located right next to the kitchen. The family room oftentimes just seems like an extension of the kitchen with a door leading to the patio or backyard. Clue: Look for a room near the kitchen.

The living room is very similar to the family room with one major exception: It’s designed for more formal occasions. The living room is usually located near the front of the house and often functiWhat's the difference between a famly, great and living room?ons as a parlor or sitting room, especially if the home doesn’t have any type of drawing room. Clue: Look for a room located near the front door of the home.

Now, it’s onto the great room. A great room basically takes your family room, living room and maybe a study and a combines them into one “great” room. While the family room is located near the kitchen and the living room near the front of the house, the great room is centrally located in the home. It usually has extremely high ceilings and maybe a window or two. Clue: If it’s located near the center of the home, it’s probably the great room, especially if you didn’t see a living room or family room.

When surveying a home, look for the room clues when you walk around the home. Check out the location of each room, and think about where these three rooms are usually located. If you keep these descriptions in mind, you’ll never confuse a family room with a living room or a great room again!