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Obeo’s New SEO Feature: Stop Losing Leads to Unbranded Listings!

by / Wednesday, 01 February 2012 / Published in Listing Coordination, Marketing Tips, Search Engine Optimization
Missing the Mark

image courtesy of Sachin Ghodke

Are You Losing Leads by Not Following Good SEO Practices?

If you have ever seen your property listing on a search site, with another agent’s face staring at you from the sidebar ads and your own picture and contact info nowhere to be found, stop yelling at the screen and start marketing smarter with Obeo’s new SEO features.

An announcement was made on the Obeo blog on January 12th that showcased their new site changes and briefly overviews how to take advantage of them. Here’s how they describe it:

With Obeo, you can now enter specific “keywords” on your bio page and for each of your listings.  These additional keywords will be added to the generic keywords we have been using  to help increase the SEO for you and your listings.  When you add custom keywords and phrases into your Obeo Members Area, these keywords and phrases will be embedded into your Obeo bio page and your Obeo HomeSite virtual tour…Ta daaaa!  You’ve become an SEO Powerhouse!

Steps to SEO Your Obeo Tours

There’s nothing all that unique or new about SEO to learn here. If you already understand how to do your keyword research and make a meta keyword list, this is going to seem like a breeze for you!

  1. Determine what keywords best fit the property listing/tour and have relatively high traffic
  2. Enter the keywords into the appropriate place on the Obeo virtual tour details page (see lower left corner of image below)SEO your Obeo Tours
  3. Go back and do steps 1 & 2 over again for all of your old (but still active) tours
  4. Add additional keywords into your bio page on Obeo

Need Help?

If you’re not an SEO expert or this type of conversation makes you walk away shaking your head, we will be happy to take the reigns and do the Obeo optimizations for you! Contact us and get started taking back your web leads today.


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