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Sales Tip #1 SMILE!!!

by / Wednesday, 13 July 2011 / Published in Marketing Tips

As a Virtual Marketing Assistant for Realtors, I am often asked, “What can I be doing to market myself better?”  Obviously, my team at Listings Up and I can provide a wealth of marketing services such as social media, SEO, blogging, and getting your listings well exposed.  What I can’t do, is provide the most basic necessity to increasing your sales. A warm and inviting SMILE!

In his famous book “How to win friends and influence people”, Andrew Carnegie details the effectiveness of a simple smile and how your body language is key in convincing people that they should do business with you. There are proven studies behind this, and if you have not read the book I recommend it!

Now, I am a genuinely happy person, and I love meeting new people and making friends.   So, for me, a smile comes naturally and I wear one most of the time.  But, for some, the idea of walking around with a silly grin on, seems silly, disingenuine, or even impossible. I can relate to those feelings as well.

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I were devastated by events that took place in my extended family.  The sorrow was deep and it showed in our faces.  We looked to each other and to God for encouragement and support.  And, I am happy to say that all is well today!  But, during that short time period our commission based businesses suffered greatly. (He is in mortgage and I was a Realtor at the time) As it turns out, no one wants to do business with people who are depressed! Go figure that they woudn’t give us any pity business! Well, we couldn’t stay in that state for long without losing everything.  So, we had to decide to make the best of life and its circumstances.

Life isn’t perfect.  Sometimes, as an agent, it can be devastating when a closing doesn’t go through or when a personal friend decides (how could they?) to go with another broker.  Other times, people and their imperfections can cloud our moods and bring out the worst in us.   The tough thing about working in commission based jobs is… There is no job security! There is no “bereavement period” or insurance for a bad day.  Our inability to display a genuine smile can be the difference of thousands of dollars.

So, what is the key to maintaining a warm and inviting smile? Here are a few pointers from yours truly.

1. Decide to be happy. Nine times out of ten, it could be worse.  Right?  16 years ago, as all tweenie boppers do at some point, I went through my first big break-up. A friend asked me how I recovered so quickly when I was so down the day before.   “I move my feet and my heart follows”, I said.  Not a bad outlook for a twerp! I try to do the same to this day.

2. Create Boundaries. If there are people around you who suck your joy and peace right out of you, avoid them!  If that person is your spouse, get counseling and get your marriage back on track. Your spouse is more important than your next check anyways, right?  But, for everyone else, you need to eliminate the toxins in your life.  Be bold and stick to your guns on that even if you are a people pleaser.

3. Be a blessing.  One sure-fire way to get down is to focus on your own self.  Next time you feel down, stop whatever you are doing and call the first person who comes to mind who has recently been sick or divorced or something.  DON’T talk about yourself, just encourage them!  Don’t offer advice.  Just support them!  If you want some ideas on ways to be a blessing, give me a call.  I have a list of things I wish I had more time to do. I’ll just delegate it to you!

4. Forgive and forget. Everyone makes mistakes.  I know I do!  As Realtors, we have a really bad reputation for being hell bent on being “right” all the time and steamrolling everyone who seemingly gets in the way.   Sure, sometimes there’s outright incompetence and lack of care, but, generally speaking everyone is trying to get the deal done.  So, cut your lender some slack.  Remember there’s about eight people up their chain too that they have to rely on.  Smile at your closer when you get there even if the HUD was late.  Be nice to the other broker in the deal.  ”Negotiation skills” doesn’t mean be a jerk.  So, forgive yourself, forgive others.  The best you can do is the best you can do.

5. Excercise.  Even if it’s just a walk. Make sure you enjoy it so you’ll commit to it.  Take a class at the rec center or get a workout buddy.  Your endorphines will kick in and help turn that frown upside down.

6. Rest. Be sure to always schedule a day off for yourself to focus on your family, personal and spiritual life.  And get your full 8 hours!  Getting enough rest will help you prioritize and get re-focused.  There’s a reason a day of rest made the Big Man’s Top Ten list as well.

7. Invest in your smile.  Now, I realize that this one is completely carnal.  But, if you are not confident in your smile, you won’t show it!  A few hundred bucks can go a long way.  I don’t think your tax accountant would consider it a business expense, but you can bank on smiling more (because you are more confident) making you more money.  I could give you some sales B.S.  about how if you smile 450 times, you will have more than made up for the investment, but it would be just unquantifiable B.S.

So there you have it.  My #1 piece of advice on sales, and it has nothing to do with facebook, custom brochures or anything else we do for our clients.  I hope you find this post encouraging.  I’d love to hear your experiences, and look forward to getting a smile from you soon!



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